Blast Server

We have a public blast server that provides access to some of the datasets generated by members of the group. There you can find our current polyploid genome assembly for SP80-3280 (assembly B2) and a version of a pan-transcriptome assembly (longest transcript of group, Scp.v1) derived from 50 sugarcane genotypes.

Digital Northern

We took the 20 year-old data generated as part of the SUCEST project, and made a new minning application of gene expression values per library, available here, the EST libraries shown there are described in this paper. We created this app, because this dataset is the only one available that includes callus.


Are you interested in visualizing codon conservation from multiple sequences alignments. The traditional implementation of SequenceLogos cannot do that, this is why we developed CoCoView, check our tool and its companion paper.


You have a reference genome, some short read genomics data, and whant to get a feeling of the ploidy of you object of study, say no more, use our tool PloidyNGS, check out also its companion paper